Third Party Litigation Funding

Interview with Susan Dunn from Harbour Litigation Funding

This interview features Susan Dunn, Co-founder at Harbour Litigation Funding, in which Joseph Huse and Susan Dunn will discuss the latest trends in the development of “litigation funding” with respect to the practice of international arbitration.

Interview with Ruth Stackpool Moore from Harbour Litigation Funding

[embeddoc url=”’s-Corner-with-Ruth-Stackpool-Moore-PDF-Final.compressed.pdf”]

Our CEO and Editor, Joseph Huse, interviews Ruth Stackpool-Moore, Director of Litigation Funding at Harbour Litigation Funding in Hong Kong.

This interview is significant given the increasing importance of third-party litigation funding to the arbitration process. Newton Arbitration has chosen Harbour Litigation Funding for this interview due to the “cutting edge” nature of their litigation funding practice.

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